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Eaglerise Power Systems Inc. was created by Eaglerise Electric & Electronic (China) Co. Ltd as a Sales and Marketing Unit to service North American Magnetics' requirements. Based in Meridian, Idaho, our team is charged with identifying, and developing product groups designed for Commercial, Industrial and OEM applications.

Working closely with our Engineering Team, our primary goal is to bring to the North American Markets innovative products that offer upfront cost competitiveness along with installed cost savings. We design into our products features that you probably won't find in our competitor's products, while maintaining focus on quality construction. Add to this our ability to offer quick quotations on custom designed products, as well as fast turnaround times for production.

For Clients, whose business is international in scope, we offer access to our sister companies' resources to help you secure business in World Markets, enjoying lower freight, design and production costs.

Value Added

• Eaglerise Power Systems delivers value not offered by its competitors that includes NEMA 3R enclosure for indoor and outdoor installations.

Primary and Secondary Lugs already installed and ready to use, DOE 2016 Compliance, Anti-vibration Pads and Wedge Anchors.

Installation Simplified

• Eaglerise Power Systems understands the challenges faced by contractors, OEMS and MROs and addresses them with design innovations.

• Mounting Feet that are extended to facilitate anchoring

• Adding angled Ends to those feet to eliminate tripping hazards

• Adding Oversized Holes to the feet to allow drilling anchoring holes without moving the transformer Including Gusseted Supports, to add structural strength

• Front Mounted Terminations with separated Primary and secondary connections

• Larger Wiring Area

• Anti-vibration pads for ultra quiet installations (Most sizes)

• Wedge anchors to securely anchor the transformer (Most Sizes)

Shipping Secured

• Eaglerise Power Systems is committed to delivering a quality product that arrives as promised including Wooden Skeleton Crating, Tilt Indicators on X and Y Axis, Drop Indicators, and Symmetrical Interchangeable Panels.

A Partner

• Eaglerise Power Systems has been a valued partner of companies around the globe for 3 decades through offering

• Individual Serial Numbers for trackability

• 10 Year Warranty on many of our Standard catalogued part numbers

• Tested at each stage of Manufacture

• 100% Tested before it leaves the factory for trouble free performance

• ISO Certified Processes

• UL Listing.

• Regional and Master Distribution Centers, throughout North America